We are pleased to announce that the Fifth International Serpentine Days Workshop will be held in Sestri Levante (Genova, Italy) on September 21-24 2020.

The workshop will be held in the Hotel Vis a Vis [], offering a wonderful view on the gulf of Sestri Levante (40 km east of Genova).

This site is located in an area surrounded by excellent exposures of oceanic serpentinites and ophicarbonates, as well as high-pressure serpentinite that experienced subduction-zone metamorphism.

The organizing committee
Marco Scambelluri (Genova University, Italy), Alberto Vitale-Brovarone (IMPMC-CNRS Paris, France), Oliver Plümper (Utrecht University, The Netherlands),
Alexis Templeton (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA), Nadège Hilairet (Lille University, France)